Custom Designs

Have a custom pin or sticker idea? Let’s make it happen!

Why work with us

We are The Pinchey, a design and creative group based out of San Diego, CA. We partner with clients to create fun, custom designs for a variety of products, including but not limited to lapel enamel pins, button pins, stickers and patches.

How does the process look like?

We start our process by sending you a design proposal. This design proposal is meant to give you an overview of the the process, as well as get us aligned with your exact needs. 

Enamel pins

Our proposal

Our proposal includes a summary of your design request. If you have a design ready for us, we make sure we summarize details of your design needs. If you do not have a design and would like a custom made design from us, we will make sure we describe the details of your design needs. 

We then give you an overview of the overall steps we will be taking, from kickstarting the project, to execution and delivery of your products. 

Our proposals include all the necessary information like time estimates and pricing to give you the confidence you need to trust us with your design projects. 

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